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L'eto Bridal on the LOVE FIND CO. Wedding Directory


New South Wales
$3,000 - $5,000

We have a strong desire to make individual choices when it comes to creating bridal wear. Our designs take inspiration from fashion & art, re-imagining traditional silhouettes with a contemporary touch.

Anya, founder designer of the brand, creates for offbeat ladies with killer taste. Simple yet unconventional looks seem effortless enough, even when dripping in delicate fronds of crystals and floral embroidery. Luxury silk tulle and satin are the main material that she works with.

Crafting each piece for her beatnik muse who is likely to dance into the wee hours of the night, she knew L’eto Bridal had to be exceptional, inventive, and powerful, like a good piece of art.

Born with a je m’en foutiste (couldn’t care less) attitude, the collection of 10 outfits is impeccably designed with the free spirited bride in mind. 

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