Still haven't decided what hairstyle you want to wear on your wedding day? From polished pony tails to swept up styles we take a look at some of the most fashionable and on trend bridal hairstyles for you to rock on your special day.

T H E   C H I G N O N

From polished knot twist, braided or textured in style the chignon is a classic updo.  Finish this look with an embellished comb or veil.


T H E   P O N Y T A I L

Gone are the thoughts of your high school days, these ponytails are effortlessly chic and modern. To achieve this look create a style with a tonne of texture and volume or create a look that is sleek and straight.  


T H E   E M B E L L I S H E D   L O O K

Whether you have short hair, wear a chignon or bun, pony tail or wear your hair out adding an embellished detail is the perfect accessory for your bridal look.  You can choose almost anything from fresh flowers, bejewelled halos, hair combs and tiaras.


T H E   H A L F   U P,   H A L F   D O W N

Wearing your hair half up, half down is a classic and feminine look, and you get the best of both hair worlds.  Braid or create knots in your hair or finish it with a delicate ribbon or cathedral veil.


T H E   B A L L E R I N A   B U N

This hairstyles oozes sophistication and elegance.  The key to this look is to not go over the top with volume, and if you want to wear a veil with this look, add it under the bun for your perfect bridal look.


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