THE GUIDE // Mistakes To Avoid When Wedding Dress Shopping

We have already given you a guide to shopping for your wedding dress, but here we share some common mistakes we see brides make during the process, in the hopes you won’t make any of them!

Loho Bride

Loho Bride



Now don’t get us wrong, we love an organised eager beaver, (you are our soul sister!) but there is starting to shop too early for your wedding dress might leave you stressed rather than satisfied.  Now let us define what is too early - purchasing a gown over a year in advance of you wedding date. Trends and influences in today’s world are constantly evolving and changing and what you love today, you might not love in over a years time on your wedding day.  

We recommend starting to look 8-9 months prior to your wedding date and this will allow you 2 months shopping time before making a decision 6 months from your wedding date.


The main issue with leaving shopping and buying your wedding gown is that it leaves you with limited options as most designers require a 6 month lead time. We know that for a lot of the time there is a specific reason why brides are put in this situation, but the great thing is that today a lot of brands are ready to wear collections.  These are great because brides don’t have to worry about the timeframe of having a gown made as they can buy it straight off the rack.


You might think that trying on every gown will help you decide what wedding dress you do and don’t like but more often than not trying on too many bridal dresses might only leave you in utter confusion. On the days you visit bridal stores to try on gowns only book appointments at a few stores per day.  If you have been to few trips and still have no idea what you are looking for it might be an idea to take a break, rather than continue to try more wedding gowns on. 

During this time have a think about the gowns you have tried on, do any stick out for you, was it a certain element of a dress that you liked, like the sleeves or the silhouette.  This time away from trying on dresses might help give you some clarity, so you can start shopping again without continued confusion.


No, no, no, no, just don’t do it! You might think it is harmless, or you might want to experience the thrill of putting on a dress you saw in the latest issue of Cosmo Bride, but it could put the seed of doubt.

If you are having second doubt about your wedding gown, the best thing to do is to speak to the store or designer you have purchased your gown from.  Depending on their policy you might be able to exchange the gown, or be able to alter it in the fitting stage.  The only thing you can’t do is get angry or blame the designer if they are unable to accomodate these changes for you, (or at the least require an additional charge to do so).  A lot of designers are unable to make changes or exchange orders once place, as is the nature of a lot of the bridal industry, as gowns are made to order.


Working out what size gown to order will differ from designer to designer, but you must take their advice when it comes to the size of gown to be ordered.  We definitely don't advise order a gown a size smaller or different than the designer recommends, on the promise of losing weight for your wedding.  It might cost more in alterations but it is far easier to take a gown in, then to let it out.

Also, if you are wanting to lose weight for your wedding don’t set your goal date as your wedding date, you must set it for your fitting date as this is when the alteration will start.


We get it, it is 'THE' dress, you got caught up in the moment and you signed on the dotted line. Let's rewind a few steps. We have spoken before about not trying on gowns outside of your budget but if you have and you have fallen in love with a dress outside of your budget, take a moment and step back. No one (well not a good bridal stylist) is forcing you to put down a deposit at your appointment.  I know it sometimes isn't fun but go home and look at your numbers.  If you have to have the dress, what other areas of your wedding can you take some money from to make up the difference.  Looking at your budget will also help you work out all those hidden extras like fittings & alterations, veil, shoes, & jewellery that all add up!

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