BRIDE // Our Guide To Couture Gowns


For the bride who wants a wedding dress that is a little more unique & custom made, we have curated a list of Australian bridal designers who offer couture wedding dresses.
This process takes a minimum of 6 months and is beautiful crafted & fitted to your body shape & design dream  


Couture HQ based in Melbourne
A Marquise Bridal couture wedding gowns start at $5,000 and an ideal lead time would 9-12 months, however Marquise Bridal can sometimes accomodate six month order on a case by case review. 


Couture HQ based in Paddington, Sydney

A Moira Hughes couture gowns allows the bride absolute perfection. Each gown will be made to fit not only her body perfectly but all her preferences. The process requires 3 fittings and a measurements appointment in total and most brides find their gown about 10months out from their wedding day. Moira Hughes couture gowns start from $4,990. 


Couture HQ based in Brisbane
The couture process takes around 6 months from the time of final design sketch and fabrication confirmed, it involve quite a few fittings to make sure everything is fitting perfectly. George Wu couture work isn't just about the perfect fit but more importantly the hidden structure inside the dress that alters your body shape to enhance the feminine curves. 

Couture gowns start from $5,000 specialising in custom dresses using the old techniques used by the likes of Dior, Valentino and Chanel. 


Couture HQ based in Melbourne

The process starts with an initial consultation with Fiona Claire, where the brides ideas on styling & fabrics are discussed. The designer likes to do some sketching during this session for the bride to have a visual of our ideas coming together.  The first fitting consists of a calico mock up of the dress - achieving the perfect fit is our focus for all couture gowns.

The complexity of the gown will determine the number of fittings, although we usually finish the gown in 3 – 4 fittings in total.  Ideally, the Fiona Claire team need 6 months as the minimum timeline.  Couture wedding gowns start from $6,000.


Couture HQ based in Melbourne

The Suzanne Harward collections feature a cohesive edit of fashion-forward gowns, offered in either a Ready-to-Wear or Couture service. Both collections remain refined & elegant with a cool urban edge, being entirely handmade in Melbourne.

The custom Couture service is completely made-to-measure and ranges from $7,000-$14,000. The bride has her gown immaculately tailored in her fittings, which are scheduled as close to her wedding as possible.

 A custom design haute couture service is available on application; prices start from $12,000. Availability for this service is strictly limited & requires a minimum of 12 months advance booking prior to your wedding date. 


Couture HQ based in Sydney

Sant Elia couture service starts from $5,000 . Sant Elia are a bespoke bridal label that specialises in fashion forward custom couture gowns. All of their dresses are lovingly made in house by their skilled team are designed & fitted specifically to the person it is created for.

The Sant Elia team like to organise an initial consultation where you will get a chance to come in & see some of their samples, sit down & discuss your inspiration & ideas with the designer Stephanie, who will then sketch out her design for you.  The team recommends commencing the process around 9-12 months before your wedding date, we have a minimum lead time of 6 months. 


Couture HQ based in Melbourne

The Couture process, which we call Bespoke is an in depth service and an exciting journey in the lead up to your wedding. Our Bespoke gowns start from $10,000 and depending on the fabric, style and intricacy of the design, can vary in price.

The process of designing a Bespoke gown starts with a one-on-one consultation with Kyha the Head Designer & Creative Director of ONE DAY.  At this initial consultation Kyha needs to find out what styles you love, shapes & fabrics. The more information she has of what you love & don’t love, will help her refine her ideas & design something perfect for you and you style.

If a bride is looking for a Bespoke gown we usually suggest starting this process twelve to eighteen months from their wedding date. As this is an in depth process we need to ensure we have enough time to finalise the design, develop/source fabrics & at least six months for construction.  The process of creating a Bespoke gown for your wedding day is really exciting. Being in the middle of the process myself it is quite incredible to see.

This process does involve a lot of visualisation & trust in Kyha’s aesthetic. When she is given full creative control, guided by the bride’s vision, she creates some truly amazing pieces.


Couture HQ based in Sydney

A couture gown starts from $3,800. All Daniel Learmont couture wedding dresses start with a client visit the atelier in Darlinghurst, where we discuss your wedding in all aspects so we can get a feel for the look and feel of their special day.  I believe it's important that all aspects have to work in harmony. The brides will often bring inspiration pictures with them to help shape their vision.  We will discuss styling including veil & shoes, offering a full service to each client.

After this Daniel will sketch ideas down for the bride to see. Once the design has been settled upon we start to look at fabrics & colours. I love to take my girls shopping with me to choose their laces or fabrics, I find brides love to be involved in the collaboration. At this stage the design is still in a relative state of flux as which is fine because fabrics can be so inspiring and the gown can change if the the client falls in love with something completely different.

As the process goes along the gown takes shape over about 4-5 fittings from a calico toile to the finished product. I also offer a personal dressing service to all of my brides on the day to make sure it all runs smoothly.