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Lauren & Daniels Melbourne Wedding | Photography by Damien Milan Photography  | LOVE FIND CO. Bridal Directory

Names: Daniel and Lauren

Date: 17 May 2019

Guest numbers: 67

Wedding location: Three Blue Ducks Rosebery

Photographer: Damien Milan Photography


How did you meet

We actually met at a Christmas party about 7 years ago. Dan was mucking around being an idiot in front of his mates and i thought he was sooo cocky at the time and thought to myself 'no way!' I saw him around from that day here and there and there was a time we were both on tinder and he must have kept saying yes to me and I kept declining haha. Then 4 years later, we ended up having drinks with mutual friends and he was so different from what I had remembered, he was more grown up and actually really sweet & a bit shy and we ended up dating from then on!

How did he put a ring on it

The proposal was like something you would see out of a romance movie! We went away for the weekend for dans birthday to Melbourne. He said he wanted to take me down to the water on the Yarra River because there were some shops there that he wanted to check out. We were walking along and suddenly he was pulling me down the wharf and at the end there was a gondola set up with rose petals and candles and champagne. We got on and I was in shock, had no idea what was going on. Then all of a sudden he pulled out the ring (which was amazing) and I obviously said yes. After we went to dinner and then back to our hotel room. When we walked in to the room there were rose petals, candles and chocolates and a present for me waiting, he had arranged the hotel staff to do it. It was all very surreal, I didn’t think guys actually did that stuff!

Lauren & Daniels Melbourne Wedding | Photography by Damien Milan Photography  | LOVE FIND CO. Bridal Directory

Where did you draw inspiration from

Mostly just Instagram and blogs - thank god for social media!

What was your wedding theme and style

We decided to have our wedding in may because we wanted to have a cosy winter wedding and that we wanted to do the ceremony and then go straight into the reception afterwards. So we had festoon lights set up in the courtyard and there was a fire going during the ceremony and hearty foods at the reception. To carry out the winter theme I decided I wanted a dark moody colour palette, burgundy florals and black taper candles along the tables. I gave the brief to the wild side and the girls did such an amazing job, it was better than I had hoped.

What made the wedding personal to you

Definitely having our 'first look' before the ceremony. I originally wanted to elope and Dan wanted the wedding so we compromised and decided to do our first look and photos together first, that way it felt a little like an elopement at the beginning and we could actually get to spend quality time together too. I think its hard to do that during the reception.

What were you most nervous/excited about?

I was excited to spend that time together first and to just get married! And probably most nervous with the lead up to the wedding and worrying I would forgot to organise something etc. I actually wasn't that nervous by the time the ceremony came because I was probably just in a daze! Oh, but one thing I was really worried about was ruining my dress before I even got to the ceremony!

Tell us about your dress

who was the designer

I had no idea what would suit me when I started wedding dress shopping. I knew I wanted something pretty simple and modern though to tie in with our wedding. I actually went to one store to try on some lace dresses and soon discovered that I looked like a 12 year old in them haha so I opted for a timeless yet modern, plain white dress instead called the cape base from the one day bridal collection. I loved it instantly.

At the time I had only recently had my daughter and had a bit more meat and curves on me and it sat so well on me and I loved it. BUT when I went to try the dress on a year later before picking it up ( and had lost a fair bit of weight) I still loved the style but the material just didn’t look as good and something wasn’t quite right, I wasn’t 100 percent happy with it anymore.

So 2 months before the wedding I ended up doing a rush order of the same dress by One Day Bridal but just in a heavier fabric as I thought the heavier fabric might sit nicer on my frame. It arrived 2 weeks before the wedding and I was lucky to get it altered in that time by my private tailor (who was awesome). It was all a bit stressful but when I put it on I knew I had made the right decision.

Bridesmaids dresses

We wanted to keep it simple and made the decision not to have the bridal parties

Grooms suit

Dan wanted to get one custom made but couldn't find a store that had the right colour and fabric that he was after for his jacket so he checked out a store in Wollongong called 'Tramps The Store' and they had exactly what he was looking for :) He also got a burgundy tie and burgundy loafers to tie in with my bouquet.

Lauren & Daniels Melbourne Wedding | Photography by Damien Milan Photography  | LOVE FIND CO. Bridal Directory

Most memorable moment of the day

Our first look and also walking down the aisle and seeing dan there holding our daughter- she was so excited!

What does marriage mean to you

Getting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend

Any words of wisdom to pass on

Yes, brides, don’t sweat the small stuff. I overthought so much that people probably wouldn't have even noticed haha. Try and just enjoy it, and actually spend time with your partner - the day goes by so fast!

Lauren & Daniels Melbourne Wedding | Photography by Damien Milan Photography  | LOVE FIND CO. Bridal Directory
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