LOVE // Imogen & Kim

LOVE // Imogen & Kim


Wedding Date: 30 September, 2016

Wedding Location: Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Kirribilli

Photographer: Damien Milan



How did you meet?
We met at a friends birthday and sat with a friend having conversations until the early hours of the morning a few days before Kim was off on a years adventure traveling the world. We hung out that weekend and remained friends and we decided to meet up a couple of months later in New York and we then spent about a month traveling in the States together. He came home a few months later and we’ve been partners in crime ever since.

How did he put a ring on it?
We were taking some time out, down at Hyams Beach, a place we have often spent time escaping to. I thought we were going on a bush walk and he was being a bit weird and not really wanting to walk so we stopped near a lookout and climbed through to bush to a clearing to taking in the view of Jervais Bay. It was a stunning day, Kim set up the camera on the tree for a few photos and managed the flick the video on without me knowing. Most would think a proposal video that was captured would look like the movies, however it was probably the only time we’ve ever been nervous and awkward together in over 7 years. We were standing on a rock with a bit of a drop below so I thought perhaps it was his nerves of the height playing on his mind. He was saying some very sweet words and then he pulled out a ring but didn’t say anything. After what felt like a few minutes (actually was only about 5 seconds) of him just standing holding a ring and smiling, I had to ask if he was asking me to marry him-He said yes. Haha! Eventually he got there and asked me, and then after a little while pulled the camera out on me and asked me how I felt. I was blown away he had managed to film it, It’s pretty awesome to have it to look back on.  

Where did you draw inspiration from? 
Definitely Pinterest, our families and we would also take ideas from some of the great weddings we have been to!

What was your wedding theme & style? 
Our dress code was Cocktail with colour - Kim especially always wears colour (we design menswear that’s a little different), so we wanted our guests to feel free to embrace something other than a the classic wedding attire of a navy suit and white shirt. We wanted to also combine the Fijian culture of ease with the classically stunning Sydney Harbour backdrop that we both grew up with. Nature was a big part of it for us, so getting married in a garden type setting was enhanced by the incredible arch my sister-in-law made for me.

Styling I wanted to keep it minimal as the view is just so pretty. We managed to get 183 people into one room (the most they have ever had for a sit down) so it was very intimate and almost homely. For us it was about sharing a meal like you would at home with your family, from share plate dishes to sharing memories on sitting down.  

We used photos in polaroid style as name places on the tables.  I love warm fairy lights so that was a must for the dance floor. Pure Fiji travel candles were our gift with the photos. Our invitations mixed the palms of Fiji and Kirribilli with a slightly regal yet easy font created by our incredible graphic designer Dena. Hopefully the style and hybrid that we ended up making was just a reflection of us!


What made the wedding personal to you? 
It really was a mix of what made us the people we are today & combined both families in different ways. 

The Venue - It was a place that is very special for my dad and my family. My gran and grandfather had their 50th wedding anniversary at our venue, and my eldest sister also had her wedding reception there too 19 years ago.

The People - beginning the day doing yoga with one of my dearest friends, who read the poem during our ceremony that she shared that morning during yoga! Having a lot of our family and friends coming from all over the world and country was mind-blowing.

One of our best friends is a celebrant and married us. Also, we had Kim’s two sisters perform traditional Fijian and also Polynesian dance. This allowed us to share his families culture with everyone which set the mood perfectly at the beginning of the evening. We love music and dancing, so we danced straight after the girls and got everyone dancing all before dinner, it set the energy high for the whole night. Every speech was on point and full of tears and laughter. 

What were you most nervous or excited about? 
No real nerves, when we were planning it we decided one of the most important things to just keep it chilled and keep planning FUN but easy so we would stay true to who we are as people and not get caught up in the “wedding expectations”. Most excited about having all our guests there with us as well as marrying my best friend!

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Now, the most important part
the Dress!

Tell us about your dress? 

It begins with my Gran’s veil, It’s exquisite Brussels lace with scalloping detail, that had been kept in perfect condition since she wore it at her wedding in 1944 during the war and by others in the family twice more. My gran passed when I was 10, but I have always felt an extremely close connection to her, so when I saw it and realised it captured my style perfectly, I knew it would be the anchor for whatever I wore with it. The colour was almost champagne/ivory so finding something to match it perfectly was a challenge.

So I decided I would design my own outfit to match it instead.  I sourced my lace after many trips with my veil in tow. So I brought my idea of a two piece; a skirt and separate beaded cami, along with my lace to the incredible Rhonda Hemmingway who is such an amazing lady and bridal designer, she made everything come alive perfectly.

When I danced my top would move with the scalloping swishing evenly side to side showing just a fraction of skin beneath another layer of fine lace underneath so you could see it was a two piece. However standing still it appeared as one. The skirt was an extremely light weight silk chiffon in ivory. Light weight, keeping it beautiful yet simple was the aim. 

Who was the designer? Rhonda Hemmingway and me :)

Where were your bridesmaid dresses from?

I am a bit of an individual so I wanted to my bridesmaids choose whatever they wanted to wear. They went with the soft pinks and blues for a colour scheme. The most important criteria was that they were all different, they had to love it, it suit them and their style and they would wear it again. They wore Zimmermann, Reformation and Lover.

Where were the groom and groomsmen suits from? Joe Bananas :)

What was your most memorable moment from your day? 

This is a hard one-There were so many moments! From standing with Kim at our altar looking out at our families and friends, to being blown away by everyones speeches. Actually, Too many more memories, not one or two can be put down!


What does marriage mean to you? 

For us, it’s really about two individuals being able to be the individuals we are, shining bright in our own light and then lighting it all up together. It was about deciding we wanted to share our love with each other for the rest of our lives and being held accountable for our commitment with those we love and respect most in the world. It was also about joining each others family, as well as our families now being bonded together, while inviting our friends to forever be part of the giant family we have now created. 


Something New? My shoes and dress

Something Old? My Gran’s veil

Something Borrowed? My jewellery (except rings)

Something Blue? My mum embroidered my new initials in blue on a gorgeous hankerchief for any tears! 


Anything words of wisdom you can pass onto future brides & grooms? 

Delegate and let others make some decisions for you. Have the same priorities for your day as your partner. The day of your wedding, wake up and LET GO of everything. Whatever happens, will happen. What you will remember is the feeling and energy of all the moments. If your wedding reflects you and your partner and your love, it’s bound to be an incredible day.


A M A Z I N G   V E N D O R S

Photography: Damien Milan  //  Location (Ceremony & Reception) Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron //  Bride’s Dress: Made by Rhonda Hemmingway  //  Brides’s Shoes: Sophia Webster from Désordre
//  Bridesmaids Dress: Zimmerman, Lover, Reformation  //  Grooms Suit: Joe Bananas //  Jewellery & Accessories: Luna Bea London - Porcelain Hair pins  //  Hair: Frankie Endersbee  //  Makeup: Audrey Griffen  //  Music: Voli K for lawn cocktails, Drew Kilpatrick/ROOF for reception  //  Stationery: Dena Design  //  Florist: Hiona Sturrock  //  Bonbonnieres: Photo place settings from PosterCandy and Travel Candle by Pure Fiji  //  Cake: Quincy Lane and Vegan cake by Our Conscious Kitchen  //  Catering: Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron  //  Celebrant: Edward Mullin  //  Honeymoon: The Place, Koh Tao, Thailand and also Nukubati Private Island, Fiji  //  Gift Registry: Thankful registry