FASHION // The Rise of the Fashionable Flowergirl

No longer is it all about finding your bridal gown and dresses for your bridesmaids.  There is a rise in oh so fashionable, uber chic flowergirl dress options by designers, that might even make you jealous that a 3 year old is wearing your favourite designer, when you had to scrimp and save or live off two-minute noodles in order to save up for your first big purchase.

Jealously aside we are taking a look at the cutest of dresses for your flower girl.

M I S S   M A T I C E V S K I   B Y   T O N I   M A T I C E V S K I

T U T U   D U   M O N D E

P E T I T E   L I V R I E

T E A   P R I N C E S S