BEAUTY // 5 Tips To Have Your Best Skin For Christmas

While we have you covered for all things bridal fashion!, we have teamed up with make up artist Abbey of Abbey Loves Beaute for a series all about bridal beauty, and with the silly season around the corner she is sharing her top 5 tips to have your best skin for the Christmas Party & Wedding season.


1. Increase Your H2O

Developing a need for water might be one of the best things you do for your skin over the champagne season. Hydrating your skin properly allows the cells to repair and plump themselves, turning over old cells for fresh new ones.
My tip is to drink 1L before or with breakfast. This way, you only have 4 glasses to go to reach the health standard goal of 2 litres a day for fresh looking skin.

2. Sunscreen

This small action will help you control future pigmentation, lines and sagging. Collagen breakdown is mainly attributed to sun rays, and sunscreen can make all the difference. Anything over 30 SPF is going to protect your skin and worth the slight initial feeling of greasiness.
My go to is Mecca’s 30+ To Save Face Facial Sunscreen. It is formulated for oily skin types and doubles as a hydrating makeup base.

3. Bedside Manner

It’s often difficult to stick to a night time regiment, especially at this time of the year. But for optimum skin health, one must keep this ritual. Storing your products next to your bed means you can put them on easily after a night out. I am a fan of this myself but I do like to make sure I washed my face and hands thoroughly before applying creams.
This also goes for your body skincare of heel balms, leg creams, décolletage oils - keep them close and keep your skin in check.

4. Strike A Pose

If you haven’t tried Hot Yoga, it’s a must! Also known as Bikram Yoga, yoga in a hot environment improves circulation and boosts oxygen to give your skin that yoga glow. It’s detoxification process is extensive and you can count on a more youthful appearance after one week of dedication. Couple this tip with the H2O tip and you’re onto a winner.
Check out these yoga studios here.

5. Green Smoothie

In preparation for your wedding day a green smoothie is your perfect partner. A lot of people start the day with a smoothie so why not give it a try - if only to counteract some of the christmas goodness you’ve been eating and drinking.
Prepare yourself a tantalising smoothie of: 1/4 pineapple, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 orange, hand full of baby spinach and kale, small nob of ginger and hand full of frozen berries. This mixed in a NutriBullet or blender will aid your collagen production, skin hydration and repair and protect your skin from free radicals. You could also make a green juice, but I find having the pulp and goodness of the whole fruits better for your skin.
Note*: peel fruits as necessary and chop into small pieces before blending. 

In Part 2 we will be looking at products to maximise your bridal glow over the holiday season. It’s never a crime to buy your own Christmas Stocking, and fill it, or use it early... So keep a look out for the blog post and start unravelling the purse strings Santa. 




My name is Abbey Love and I am a qualified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist since 2009. I began working in weddings a couple of years later after much experience on beauty counters.

My natural style of fresh and romantic makeup and hair became known as my signature bridal look over a few years, which I believed developed from my love of the French culture.

I find the most fascinating thing about beauty is how to look natural, finding that polished version of yourself. It's a very French concept and I have come to agree with the best beauty insiders that it is found through diet, skincare and products.

I hope to bring you professional knowledge about the beauty industry and its products/services. As well as providing hair and makeup inspiration for your wedding. 

Bisous, Abbey x