Behind The Brand // George Wu

George Wu Mortella Bridal Dress by George Wu featured on LOVE FIND CO.

1. How Did You Create Your First Bridal Collection?  

When I first started George Wu, at the very beginning I asked myself what the modern wedding is based on, it’s a tradition derived from cultures where Bible was the centre of the society.  Since a lot of modern wedding customs derived from the western culture, I thought the Bible would be the best inspiration so I designed a collection of really soft and sheer wedding dresses to reflect the story of “Garden of Eden”. Where Eve’s body is covered by the flowers and leaves. 

2. What Do You Feel When You See Your First Collection?

It’s still one of my favourite memory, I created everything myself without any help because I didn’t have any capital to hire a team so it felt really personal looking back to the works of my first bridal collection. 

3. What Keeps You Inspired?  

The ideas of religious stories, my travel experiences and my childhood memories. 

Farnesiani Wedding Dress by George Wu featured on LOVE FIND CO.

4. What Has Been The Biggest Milestones In Your Career?

I follow world renowned illustrator Kerrie Hess for quite sometimes and always thought it would be so amazing to experience her world. The day I met her at an event, I was little star struck then few days later I got an email from her about meeting up to discuss the possibility of designing her wedding dress. That whole journey felt like dream come true, I still can't believe the opportunity I’ve got given.

5. What Does Your Day Consist Of?

A lot of business administration, team discussion, design, paper works, customer services, accounting, sewing..etc.  like absolutely everything, I am a very hands on person and I have to answer all my team member’s questions. 

6. What Is Your Favourite Trend?  

My favourite bridal trend would be the idea of creating something sheer, light and ethereal yet still having the body covered discretely, it’s all about the illusion and imagination rather than just being naked. There is a real art of constructing this sheer trend.

Borghese Wedding Dress by George Wu featured on LOVE FIND CO.

7. What Is Your Top Tip About Creating Your Wedding Day Look?     

My best tip would be creating a look that is effortless and elegant, when the look starts having too many elements it can suddenly turn from classy to tacky. 

8. What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Your Career?  

To educate my clients the true meaning of couture, it’s not just a word you attach to a product so that you can demand more money. There is so much thoughts and technical skills that goes behind it, everyone appreciates more after they learnt what is involved behind the scene.

9. What Is Coming Up For You In 2018?   

Creating another amazing bridal collection of work with my team to outshine our last bridal collection of course.