GIRL BOSS // Shannon of BO & LUCA


Name: Shannon Pittman

Age: 34

Location: Sydney

Current Title / Company: Director of Bo & Luca 

What was your first job out of university and how did you land that position?
For my first ever job, I worked for an airline and was based in the Middle East. It was an amazing opportunity and experience and its where I met my first true love - Travel! 

What inspired you to create your business?
I was living in the Middle East and was inspired by all of the amazing artisans and their trade. It was at a time when all of my beautiful girlfriends were getting married. I fell in love with the textile business and then it became my mission to create a beautiful bespoke bridal brand. Created through the love of hand embroidery. 

Take us through a day in the life of your business? 
In the daily life of our brand, no two days are ever the same, however here is the low down: 

5am Wake up and check emails, we are an international brand so a lot of our clients contact us through the evening. It's a back log, so I want to get through these as quickly and efficiently as possible!

7am Go to the office, finalise emails then I can start the day fresh.

8:30am Start the day with the team, we do our motivational morning chat, we have a daily inspirations wall and each place a daily mantra on the wall. 

9am Work on any projects that are coming up, discuss and finalise with the marketing business development manager. 

11am Discuss brides orders with the Sydney Manager, go over alterations and finishings. 

1pm Work on all international stockist orders with the team, coordinate deliveries with our stockists internationally.

3pm Go over new design concepts, mood boards, and brand development.

5pm Take meetings / Phone calls - with Press / Marketing regarding upcoming news and events.

6pm - 10pm Go over urgent emails , finalise the days work - a day in the life of a business owner is never done! :) 

11pm Go to sleep & start all over again. 



Has anything surprised you about the journey to creating your business?
You're on a never ending learning course each and every day, there are highs and lows no one can ever prepare you for, but the are continual surprises around each corner keeps life exciting!

Obviously, your business has grown! So, let's talk money. Tell us about the intimidating process of finding funding for your business. Any advice for women who need to find funding for their own startups?
You have to start with a dream and a burning desire to succeed. You will have setbacks and initially banks may not believe in your vision (even though you know is going to be a huge success) so my best advise would be to reach out to family and friends as a first point of funding, go to that crazy aunt or uncle that believes in your ideas and can see your vision and wants to join you on your journey. You will also feel more of an obligation to repay and get their money back to them and this will fuel your desire to be successful. 

Your business has developed quite a following. Can you tell us a little bit about marketing your business? How did you spread the word?
In this day and age we are so lucky to have such great free social media platforms available, and lots of online resources. We are so fortunate that we have a loyal following of amazing women / brides from around the world that love what we do. I am so grateful everyday to be able to share our brand / vision / dreams / inspirations with them. Our primary tool is Instagram and Facebook, which we are still slowly growing but organically and that is most important. Word of advice - Find creative ways to display your product / service,  go to your favourite brands for inspiration watch carefully how they communicate with their market / audience and take note.


What do you think is the key to the success of your business?
Create a service or product that you are so widely passionate about and others will be too.
Hard Work is a must! 

Your favourite bridal trend at the moment? Bias cut silk dresses.

Your piece from your current collection? The Lilly Gown

Best advice you ever received?
Work hard, never ever give up! Stop the noise from others (People are afraid and that can steer you in the wrong direction, but if you love what you do, don’t be afraid).

I wish I knew how to … Have a work, life balance! 

What is your coffee order?  Loose Leaf tea always! 

TV show do you wish was still on the air? Sex & the City of course!!!! 

Next travel destination? I’m India as I'm typing this interview! 

What advice would you give your 23 year old self?
Don’t always look to far into the future…enjoy living in the moment…everything will be okay!